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Old Oil Burning Furnace


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Help. I am in the process of purchasing an old home, 1900, and in the basement is this monster! It's an oil burning furnace that needs to be removed. Who would I call to have this done?? I don't know where to begin. Added bonus, there might be asbestos in the heating line. Thanks for all your guidance!!!

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Get estimates from a couple of local tradespeople. HVAC folks will know who is suited for job.

I think you wanted to attach a photo that would tell us what type unit it is. Warm air or hydronic system.

What advice did your inspector give you?

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I inspected a house with a huge old coal-burning octopus that had been converted to an oil burner after WWII. It was actually working fine but it was an energy waster and was taking up about 25% of the basement and 75% of the headroom. The client wanted to know about cost to remove it along with all of the old ductwork with the asbestos tape in it. I told him to take a photo and send an email to half a dozen reputable local HVAC firms describing the work wanted and with a photo of the furnace attached. The lowest bid that came back to remove the octopus and ducting and install a cheap 80% contractor-grade 60,000 Btu gas-burning furnace (very small bungalow) with new sheetmetal (the house was already piped for gas at the kitchen stove) was $6500. The bid included more than $3K paid to an asbestos remediation firm to come in, break up and remove the octopus and all of the ducts and then clean the house before the HVAC guy would allow his employees to enter the house. There was a separate $1200 bid to "decommission" the underground storage tank in accordance with state law.

The nice thing about the net - you can do things in two hours that used to take days to accomplish.



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