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radon mitigation contractors

John Dirks Jr

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I found this list and forwarded it to my client.


Also, Maryland does not have a radon program so there isn't any state related info. I did find this document from Iowa. If one was to remove the word Iowa wherever it appears, and insert the word Maryland, do you think the info is worthy of sharing with clients?

I just realized that there are some "Iowa" specific statistics that wouldn't be correct. However the general facts about radon should be good.

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Originally posted by Tom Raymond

A little off topic here, but...if there is a mitigation system present do you inspect it? How?

I ask because there are several homes in my area that have have them, and I am sure that I will have to make that decision at some point.



There's one thing about the checklist that I don't agree with:

I. INSPECTION RESULTS (complete only one of A, B or C)

A. This home has an active radon mitigation system*

No. The system does not appear to meet recommended design/installation and operating standards. Test the home

to verify that the radon level is below 4 pCi/L. Have a qualified radon mitigator verify that the system is operating properly, and to repair or upgrade the system (as needed).

It makes sense to me to have a system that hasn't been designed or installed correctly fixed first, then have it tested.

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