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Aqua Therm heating system

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I'm an owner of an AquaTherm/Direct Vent Water heater system looking for a reputable person to service it. Located in Issaquah WA.

Just installed a new direct vent water heater (Southwest Plumbing) bur they do not work on the air handler. We have hot water but the air handler is not working. Thanks for your help! jmorrow

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Just about any HVAC firm should be able to assist you with the air handler. It's just a big hot air mover with a coil stuck in the center. If the coil isn't leaking it's probably the blower motor that's the issue. Try contacting Greenwood Heating and Air.


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I live in Austin Texas and as everyone knows we’re having a historic freeze and snowstorm etc. I just received notice from our apartment management that since we have Aqua-therm heating and since there is low water flow in the city and a boil notice as well that we will not have heat! What the hell? Why do we have a system here that 1)we didn’t know about and 2)doesn’t work now due to the water issues. I’ve always wondered why I had a leak under my air conditioning unit and now I know the answer. I’ve always thought there was mold up there too but never could get high enough up into the ceiling to check it myself. This is very frustrating!

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If you guys didn't have power and/or heat for a while I'd be more concerned with the system freezing up. If it freezes up and ice expands and cracks the coil, as soon as the ice defrosts they'll begin leaking like crazy.

Coincidentally, my own sister, who lives in Virginia, has one of these systems. When it began acting up on her, she googled it and found her younger brother's blather about the system on here. LOL.

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