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I recently saw an article about how Washington State put together a committee of about 10 people from various inspection associations to review different SoP's prior to starting writing their own state standards.

I believe the article said of all the SoP's they saw that they felt that NAHI's was the most clearly written, etc AND used those as a starting point. Has anybody else on this board seen that article.

If so, I lost track of it and wanted to review it again as to what they thought was better, etc.

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It might have been Sandy Hartman's article that was posted to the front page when the new law was passed here in Washington State licensing home inspectors; or it might have been something that I wrote. Here's what I suggest you do - go to the front page and click on "advanced search," then search for the keywords WHILAG and SOP. Make the range two years - I bet that will pull it up.

WHILAG was a coalition that I brought together back in 2006 when an inspector here, on his own, along with a state representative, was trying to get backing for a pretty sloppy home inspector registration law. The group met to discuss that proposed law and then voted to work together to explore whether they wanted to put together their own proposal of a licensing law or simply wait for someone else to propose one. They met again the next month and voted overwhelmingly to work together to work with legislators and guide legislation rather than simply react to it when it came out. It wasn't just folks from home inspector organizations; we had pest people there and independents as well. The coalition was originally more than 35 people but as time went on folks lost interest in the process and by the end of 2007 the number participating was down to 11.

They chose the NAHI SOP as a starting point after I took the SOPs from the three primary national organizations - ASHI, NAHI, AII - and the one used by the clients of Gromicko's public relations firm, usually referred to as the soap opera here, translated them into a single format and put them side-by-side for comparison. The SOP comparison was given to them at one meeting and then at the next monthly meeting they voted on which they felt was the most complete and did the best to protect both the consumer and the inspector. The vote was overwhelmingly in support of the NAHI SOP - even the guys in the group from ASHI and the soap opera voted for it.

If you are interested, I can email you a copy of the SOP comparison document.



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