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That looks like the average POS in Chicago. Personally, I find these to be nice easy jobs; everything is screwed up, & one can "reportspeak" in generalities supported by a specifics. When everything is screwed, it makes the job easy; it's when everything is kind of vague that it gets sneaky.

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Richard's right about it being a pressure only valve on a boiler. My bad use of acronyms was misleading. I just looked at the pic and it doesn't look that bad, but the discharge pipe is automotive heater hose that goes to an overflowing five gallon bucket. God forbid they drain the expansion tank.

The boiler was an oil to gas conversion and had manual reset high limit and pressure switches.

The pushmatic panel has been in daily use as a switch panel, and when one of the breakers was activated the center popped out. The owner filled the hole w/ rtv silicone while I was still there. All the breakers were 30 amp. All the wiring was 12.

I was excited about seeing my first pushmatic and my first stab lock at the same time.

The rest of this building was actually very nice; concrete floors, block walls and pre cast concrete roof, very nicely done brick facade. It was built in 79 and the panels were all take outs from other buildings.

The buyers walked from the house I inspected Saturday w/ the sagging ridge. The sellers called me and told me what they thought of the inspection. Having been in the auto repair business for a long time, all I can say is as far as bitching goes, the sellers were amateurs.

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