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Ban on wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

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Hi guys,

Well I sure hope this thread doesn't turn out like the last one I started [:-crazy]

I read this morning that it is indeed official: The island of Montreal has banned the use of residential wood burning stoves and fireplaces due to smog levels. Off island suburbs are still OK as the population there is more sparse, however I can't believe everything being said about this topic. Here is a link to one of yesterday's articles. Read more...

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Once again we are facedby the ineffeciency and stupidity of the Montreal City Hall administration.

What should happen is that the municipality should legislate which types of stoves are acceptable. Ie high efficiency types like California EPA rated stoves.

Fireplaces should be banned completely. Stragely in Sweden and Iceland and some other northern countries where wood burning stoves are the norm there is no smog issues. THere are some really great units out there. The efficiency of most pellet stoves is really amazing and clean too.

Public hearings are being held. We can fight it!

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I just want to let people know that there are people really thinking out there. Wood burning can be environmentally sound. It just requires effort. Have a look at what my father has invented and is in the final patent and testing stages. It may be too late for some who have already been forced into more expensive alternatives. I hope this device can be available soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EXqin6s-Oc

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I think it's a good idea. Denver did it years ago.

Wood burning is ridiculous in urban areas. It's wildly polluting; the output is remarkably toxic.

I've been heating my house predominately with wood from a non epa wood burning stove for the past several years. Once I get it dialed in you don't see anything but a clear heat mirage coming off the top of my chimney stack.

It's not the act of woodburning itself, it's like many things where the people doing it have no idea about the science or method of a good fire. Take the best stove out there and put an idiot in front of it with a half damp 8" diameter log and a couple firestarter bricks and I assure you there will be smoke.

Do a google search on Finish heaters and you will have a lot to learn. I read an article years ago that showed where they were proven to burn wood and emit less CO2 then if the same wood had decayed on the forest floor. If I'm not mistaken it was a gentlemen in WA that lead the charge to get them approved in his area. One of those smog controlled places.

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