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When your client walks from a deal...

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If they didn't buy the previous house, it's because you protected them from it! Why would they even want to penalize you for doing that? I will, under duress offer a small discount, to keep them on the hook if I feel it is absolutely necessary, but not much.

On a side note, I admire your candor, inspectorchris - been there done that - drinking behind the keyboard can be almost as devastating as drinking behind the wheel... maybe more?... :-)

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I really like the punch card idea posted by Richard Moore! Some people like to shop around and that way they have options. Well done.

BTW...just a reminder. Dust off your Budget. Increase your salary. Raise your prices. There is no logic in giving discounts in hard times to get work. Get less, better work. Dust off your Marketing Plan, too, and get creative!

xo$, Ellen

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Wow. It always amazes me when old threads get brought back to life. Interestingly enough, the client that I started this thread about bought the second house, and has called me three times since to talk about issues he's having with the place. Every time he calls I cringe (he'd have done better with the first house even though it needed a $10K roof job), but all he wants is advice on housey stuff. It seems I have satisfied my client despite the fact that he bought a POS, and he still counts me among his friends.


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