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Westinghouse central A/C manufacturer info?


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Today, I inspected a home with a Westinghouse central A/C system. I don't recall ever seeing a Westinghouse A/C system before today and don't have their code info in my files. Here's what was listed on the compressor unit:

Serial number: jk60397

Model number dsso24ccv

I am guessing it was manufactured in the 1980s. Anyone have info for Westinghouse A/C units?


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Preston's doesn't have any units whose model numbers start with "D," but there are several SSO models that were manufactured in the late seventies, early eighties. I didn't find your exact number.

I'd tell your peeps it's +/- 20 years old. The dates of manufacture in Preston's pretty much stop in the early eighties.

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Thanks. I had already told them probably early to mid-80s.

Can you post the code scheme that Westinghouse uses for their HVAC equipment? I haven't seen info about that brand up to this time.

I don't know what their rhyme and reason are. Preston's lists all the manufacturers alphabetically, so it's pretty simple.

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