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Yet another cubed "what's this"?

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1959 home (killer views) with a bunch of "original" stuff. The two bathrooms were back to back. Each had a normal functioning ceiling exhaust on a timer but each bathroom also had these fans low down by the toilets on their own separate timers. These functional back-to-back fans did not appear to have any exterior exit point or duct. It's almost like they were intended to "share" the odors with the other bathroom. Fart Transfer System?

Anyone know what their purpose would have been?

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Gotta love the pink and baby blue fixtures! [:-yuck]

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Did they have heating elements??

No, at least nothing at all visible through the opening, and I'm fairly certain they were sucking, not blowing. Bathrooms also both had functional baseboard heat with original looking thermostats. Not a big deal, the ceiling exhaust fans work, and the clients aren't at all concerned. I've just never seen fans in that position before.

The below is a close-up of the timer each had. In both cases easily reached by someone sitting on the throne.

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