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Aluminum wiring info PDF

John Dirks Jr

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I'm looking for a PDF on aluminum wiring that I might want to use to supplement my reports. This is one that I might consider using.

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What are your opinions on this one? Do you have any others to suggest?

That's an excellent article but it's slightly out of date. For one thing, Douglas doesn't work for ITA anymore. More important, since that article was written, Alumiconn connectors have come on the scene. http://www.kinginnovation.com/press-alumiconn.html

They're really *the* answer to aluminum wiring problems.

We need to get Douglas to update his article.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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John, my opinion is that the article has a lot of great information- for a home inspector. I think the average house buyer would give up reading after a half page. I would limit the article to one or two paragraphs for an inspection report. I don't have a suggestion for a different article.

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How often do your clients ask for that kind of stuff? I can't imagine dumping more info on mine, I try pretty hard to keep my narrative under 20 pages so that my report actually gets read.


Not that they ask. It's just to have it on hand in case I want to provide it. You have a point on keeping the report size to a minumum. That way the important stuff will stand out.

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