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Wild wiring


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I did an older home the other day that the happy home owner had done a lot of work on.

I run a cross an set up I cannot figure out how that got this to work.

In the master bathroom there is a light above the shower and one above the sink.

When I turn the light switch which is a single pole switch with off and on, on it; none of the lights came on.

The sink light has a pull switch on it which turned on the light when I pulled it.

When I was finished in the bathroom I turn the light switch on the wall off.

The light over the sink when out, but the shower light came on.

When I turn the light switch on the shower light when out and the sink light came on.

I tried it a few times more and it did the same thing each time.

When I turned the sink light off at the pull switch then turned off the wall switch the shower light did not come on.

I told my clients about it and with all of the other electrical problems; I told them that they needed a good electrician to redo all of the electrical.

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It seems like the owner may have wired a new light in series with a switch loop type method. Switch loop is when the main power is brought to the fixture first and the "hot" conductor is looped down to a switch. When you do this method, a "neutral" colored conductor (usually white) is used as a hot and is supposed to be re-identified by using colored tape or any other means, but is usually not. A switch loop method is an acceptable NEC practice, but sometimes folks don't understand that a white colored conductor is being used as a hot and may accidently wire something wrong. Most times mis-wiring will cause a short, but it seems in this case they may have wired the additional light in series, which would cause a voltage drop for the other fixture, but may not be noticable. An electrican can easily fix if that is the problem. Hope this helps ya.

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I don't know about ghost hunters but there will be a electrician doing some hunting or I should say replacing.

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