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Roof Leak? Nahh

Brandon Whitmore

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I inspect the exterior first, so imaging my surprise when I got into the attic and noticed a bunch of moisture build up on the roof sheathing and framing. I saw the moisture and puckered up thinking I had somehow missed something on the roof (I am very picky with roofs).

I thought it was strange that the leak would be coming from the top side of a roof penetration (PVC exhaust). I then noticed the insulation was wet around the entire area, and the exhaust seemed a little louder than typical. The exhaust was wrapped with insulation so I started tearing the insulation apart to find a fully detached flue pipe (about 2" gap at least-- hard to tell from the pic).

I may have to use this inspection report as the one I post on my website showing why people need an inspection. I could start new posts all day there were so many issues.

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