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earning my wings

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This is a first for me. I finally got feedback that a builder is pissed off at me for what I said in a report.

It was an inspection on a new addition last week. I called out a bunch of stuff. It's funny how they only seem to be pissed about some of the stuff. The stuff that's not real easy to fix. I guess that's normal huh?

They said, "the county inspector approved it" bla bla bla.....

I got this information directly from my client. They are happy with my work. I havn't heard a word from the builder...yet.

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Don't sweat it. You'll eventually get to where you're completely numb to that stuff 'cause it happens so often.

I had a commercial contractor go off on me a week or so ago 'cause he thought I was too hard on his house that was selling for seven figgers.

Toward the end, he said something like, "I'm just as good as you are! Let me come inspect your house! I'm sure I'll find plenty of problems! I'll do it for free!"

I didn't get angry. I didn't get my feelings hurt. I just got bored.

Though there was a brief moment when I wished he would take a swing at me because I would have loved to have put him on his ass.

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