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Advertising/ success/ endurance

Chad Fabry

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I use Linked-In and have linked to a handful of people that I really like and/or admire. I'm also linked to a few that happened by mistake and to one or two, for whom I admit, I didn't have the resolve to say "I don't know you that well and we shouldn't be linked at all".

One of the advantages of Linked In is I can keep track of who's who in my little world. One of the ways of keeping track is I have access to a few blogs that I otherwise might have missed. I read 'em. For the most part I like the things people say and occasionally I learn from them.

One of our own has done a very nice job writing his blog and I'm posting it here so that a new person or two might benefit from the low key promotion style. It proves the person behind the website and also establishes an intellect. If I was looking for a home inspector Brad's blog would influence my choice.

The keys to a successful blog campaign are:

have something meaningful to say know how to say it

From the home of Canada geese (not Canadian geese) Manor on manors

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I had booked an inspection today from my Facebook page. Surprised the heck out of me, I never gave much thought on the marketing aspect of Facebook.

I've probably done 5 inspections this year that were the direct result of Facebook. In this market, I'll take work where I can get it.


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