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I have a small wood stove that we use infrequently. One day I heard a noise and it seemed to come from inside the stove. Without thinking I opened the door and out flew two sparrows coated with soot and ash. Of course, before I got the door open for them to fly out they bumped into every white wall they could find and left beautiful charcoal images of themselves with wings spread. Screen got repaired the next day.

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I was privy to this story on a forum for people who heat with wood burning stoves and such. I found it amusing enough to save.

Bird story - An Uncle has a cabin on the backwaters of the Mississippi River and it is gathering place for the menfolk in the extended family to fish, playcards and drink beer. Several of us were fishing the week before Thanksgiving...the fish really bite just before freeze up. After a successful morning of fishing we were at the cabin to warm up and fix a noon meal. A box woodstove was lit and heating up nicely with a kettle of stew warming on top. There was a loud keplunk and scratching in the stove pipe that startled the cabin occupants. Within a few seconds there was a commotion in the stove, then a stove lid popped open and a full grown Canada Goose come blasting out. The cabin occupants gave chase to the squaking goose and finally captured the it, but not before the cabin was a total mess. While fishing that morning we heard the gunshots of duck and goose hunters. We speculated that a hunter shot this goose out of the sky and it did a free fall down the stovepipe.

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