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Coating Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingles With Mastic


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Hi All,

I've got a client asking me about "painting" an asphalt/fiberglass composition shingle roof. This is the stuff that he's thinking about using:

http://www.somay.com/featured/rmastic/s ... ation.html


This is a new one on me. In 13 years in this gig I've only seen one asphalt roof that had been painted with anything and the stuff it was coated with looked like ordinary acrylic paint to me. That roof was performing fine, by the way.

I probably wouldn't use the stuff on my own home only because I like to know more about stuff than the manufacturer tells me before I experiment with it. Can any of the brethren from Florida tell me if they've ever seen this stuff used and what, if any, negative issues accrued?



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