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Homeowner Says Beware of "Certified" Inspectors


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March 18, 2009

Falling housing prices and lower interest rates have created a buyers' market in Ottawa, but one resident warns that eager buyers should still do a thorough check of their home inspectors before they sign.

"You hear 'certified inspector,' and you think, 'OK, he knows what he's doing, he knows what he's talking about,'" says Kathy Sullivan. Four years ago, she bought a home in Greely, about half an hour south of Ottawa.

Sullivan says that her real estate agent referred to a certified home inspector who told her the house was in good shape.

To read more at CBCNews.ca, click here.

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There's some pretty harsh comments from people regarding that article. We should make sure everyone throughout the country reads the comments. That way, people will quit price shopping.

I agree, price should only be a part of the whole picture before picking a home inspector. From some of the stories I hear, I'm glad that my area has good home inspector, Realtors and contractor/builders (as a whole). If only the politicians can hop on board.

I personally think that the requirements for becoming licensed (at least here in Indiana) and/or certified through one of the HI organizations should be increased. I also think that most of the CE classes also need to be improved. At this time, I just get my CE credits the easy ways and take classes that are much more informational from other sources. I am surprised how many of these CE classes are teaching things that should have been learned before becoming certified/licensed.

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You know, in a way, this snake oil salesman is correct. Just probably not like he intended. You would think he would spell check, especially if he is going to use quotation marks around it:( Must have been drinking his own kool aid.

"There is "certifed" and there there is InterNACHI certified"

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