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Oh Stop, They Were Wrong, not Lying

Chad Fabry

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A lawsuit is such an extreme action... can't they just be friends?

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

When Joseph and Monica Murphy were looking to buy a 100-year-old farm house near Beloit in 2007, they liked what they saw: A "completely remodeled" home with a new concrete foundation and upgraded wiring. Spots of mold in the basement were chalked up to a frozen pipe that had been repaired.

It wasn't until they moved in..

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From 4:18pm on August 12th 2008 thru 10:00am on March 22nd 2009 we inspected 19 wood foundations. You know you can count on me to keep good records!

Actually we inspected about 80 last year. My concern with all of them is there are materials and components we can't see nor verify they are there. ie: treated components, vapor barriers, drainage materials, etc. I know we can see perf pipe around footings of concrete foundation walls, but mostly don't have much concern - concrete does not rot quite as much as wood seems to when wet.

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