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House Wraps Again...


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Mike and anyone else in the Pac NW. In your part of the world, are house wraps put on between the inside of OSB or on the outside of OSB (or other sheathing)?

Do you know anything about Pactiv Ultra House Wrap? Is it like Tyvek or is it a moisture barrier?



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They don't use vapor barriers in walls on this side of the Cascades. Most sheathing here is plywood or OSB anyway, and these are, technically, moisture barriers anyway. Can't speak to what they do in Eastern Washington.

They use either wrap or felt here - felt mostly. I've seen the Pactiv product used on a couple of new homes. It is like any other type of 'wrap' - it is designed to be an air barrier, not to keep out moisture. Because there have been so many problems with homes rotting, because water got past the wrap and became trapped against the sheathing,Pactiv designed their product to provide a slight gap which is presumably deep enough to allow drainage.

I'm skeptical, but I'll give it a year or two to see how it compares to felt's ability to allow a wall to dry out.



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