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recessed lighting bulbs

Jim Morrison

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You energy efficiency scoundrel......you should be using CFL's........

I've had no luck at all using cfl's in recessed fixtures. They burn out in a few months. It may be because the package says "do not use in recessed fixtures".

It always bothered me that bulbs don't burn out exactlyat the same time when replaced in groups. They're subjected to identical stresses, they should fail at identical times.

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In my office we have recessed lights in the ceiling. They seem to burn out in groups. I think it is related to the fact that whenever your front headlight in your car burns out, you had better buy two because the second one will burn out shortly after you replace the first one.

Thank you Steven (et al). That's what my intuition told me, but I figured I'd check with The Brain Trust to be sure.

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I have the same problem in three of our office rooms. Went to CFL's, against Chad's advice and mfg's recommendation, and have had no problems for the past year. In two other office rooms we have track lighting that expired within three months. Using CFL's solved that also.

At home our kitchen has twelve 8' 75watt tubes that are above 2'x4' suspended diffuser panels that lasted abt 6 months. Electrician friend re-wired to dedicated circuit, including ground and now they are going on 14months with no problem.

I guess what I'm saying is I was not fully aware of the "quality" of power on lighting circuits.

I own a restoration company and that has clouded my opinion regarding all recessed lights - I don't like them under any circumstances.

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sounds like your recessed lighting box is getting too hot. Is it assessable from the attic, if so make a box out of drywall . The box should be around 2 or 3 times larger than the fixture box. Place this box over the top of the recessed fixture in the attic. Be sure to take out all the insulation between the box and the fixture. This should take care of your problem. Led bulbs may also work for you since they produce very little heat.

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