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vent clearance


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Hi & welcome.

First off, a little more detail is needed.

Are we talking a fossil fuel fired furnace or electric.

Same for the water heater.

I'm assuming your talking about the return air vent into the blower fan? And it does not have ducting attached extending the return vent out into the house?

If so, and it is fossil fuel burning, then yes there is a min. distance of ten feet from the return vent to any combustion chamber, it's own or the water heaters. Only exception would be if there is a sealed combustion chamber with air intake from outside.

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Thanks Kyle, Yes Natural gas furnace with a gas water heater within 12 inches. Combustion air supplied from exterior vents behind furnace. Have some concern that the close proximity of the supply air vents to the rear of the furnace housing would cause enough temp differential to damage the exchanger?

The water heater is also very close to the filter access opening creating an exhaust to supply air problem also.

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It isn't anything that I'd be concerned about here as long as the filter access opening has a cover on it and isn't sucking air from that room. I don't have the winter temps you do in CT though. How old is the furnace and how has it been "weathering" (pun intended) this installation?



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