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I have used hotmail for private stuff for probably 10 years, rarely get a junk email (stay off the porn sites)

I've had my business email for 5 years and have it setup to send all spam to junk box, however I still get an occasional junk in my inbox. I just click it as junk and usually stays there if I get a second or more from them. It does a real good job for me.

I get a lot of realtor based spam that goes directly to junk. Florida homes for sale, beachfront in Arizona, etc. Motivational stuff, money making schemes...

I do have to read through junk emails ( by lines) to make sure one is not from a potential client. Found one in there just a couple days ago, and booked the the inspection.

Sometimes I have 10-20 junk emails a day, if I don't see anything worth responding to just delete the batch and its gone.

Hotmails been good to me and I don't know what else is out there.

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What's your experience or preference with email accounts for business.

Do you think its better to stay with a server account such as comcast?

What about web based accounts like hotmail or gmail?

Which approach do you think is best for a business account?

I have had scott@traceinspections.com since I have had this domain name, and I think that has been about eight or so years. IMHO, it looks more profession than a gmail, hotmail or whatever address. Think about how many major or large companies you see with hotmail or gmail accounts! You don't see any with them. They all use their domain name for their email address.

I get very little spam as I have good filters installed at my domain host. I also have another email on my website inspectorhelp@traceinspections.com . This address gets a good amount of spam, but again it is stopped at my host so I only see a summary report.

As Keith said, if you do it this way you are free to switch providers without the threat of loosing your email address.

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I might do john@arundelhomeinspection.com

The only thing is, the storage space is lame. I guess I cold pay a few bucks and ramp it up.

I don't know who your host is, but I can have up to 5,000 email address. I think I have a 6 gig storage limit. This is all part of my hosting package with my domain host. I use www.hostmonster.com and have not had any issues with them since I started using them about three years ago.

You do not need a great deal of storage space for emails. I would say that if you had 100 mb of storage that would be more than enough. Be sure that you pull your emails off your host site and down to your computer, this way they do not build up and take up your space. I have my email set to send emails to me as they are received, so I never have any sitting around on my account taking up space.

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