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historic town pictures

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I was in historic Frederick Maryland today. I took some pictures. For those of you who like old buildings, try the link below to the album. If you play them in the slideshow option, they display in larger format.


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Thanks for taking the time to post the pics, John.

Coming from an area where very few buildings which are much over a hundred years old or so have survived, I love seeing photos such as yours.

By the way...if you look at photo #13, you'll notice a purple coloration to the glass. That's a dead giveaway that the glazing in those windows is modern low-e glass -- sometimes it looks purplish; sometimes it looks greenish.

(As a side note, my wife hates traveling with me since I am constantly assessing/analyzing the buildings around us. So I ask... new profession or new spouse? Which will it be...)

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Outstanding photos, John - again! Your wife may have been bitchin', but she must have the patience of a saint. Those aren't just snapshots that you clicked while passing on by.

Apart from the cool things seen in the old building photos, I especially liked the semi-telephoto shot of the arched bridge. Everything in it works together - the compressed perspective along with the the asymmetrical overall composition contrasted with the symmetry of the bridge and its reflection.

When I travel, I take pictures that are very similar to yours, only mine don't have the remarkable consistent quality that yours have.

If you've never been to Savannah, put it on your must-do list. Just be sure to buy several 4GB cards before you go.

Since yesterday turned out to be a rare inspectionless Saturday, my wife and I took two of the grand kids out for the afternoon. I had my camera, but the oppurtunity for old building photography was a wee bit limited.


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