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Crazy Inspections?

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I had my craziest inspection today and just thought I would share it and see if there are any other wild stories out there.

Got a call from an agent who has used me a couple times before, real nice lady and an agent I would use. She said she had a rush job inspection, it was ordered by a divorce judge to answer certain questions about the home.

The property is a 1958 home, well about half of it was. There were additions and renovations to the house (new rooms, front porch, rear deck and converted garage and a new detached garage with a follow up addition). Some of the work done by contractors but most done by the husband.

The wife is living in the house with her daughter and the husband has a restraining order. He had already taken all the lighting in the new garage and the copper piping going to an unfinished new bathroom. The wife had marked tape sealing all the windows to see if he would come in that way when no one was home. Just crazy.

So despite the setup I figured it would just be a normal inspection. Well I get there about 20m early, I am all alone. About 5 minutes later the husband shows up. Since my client is the wife, I decide not to approach him and just sit in my truck. He gets out, sits on the hood of his truck and just watched me, apparently taking notes. A couple of minutes later the wife, then the agent arrives. Then I was shocked when a police car pulled up behind me. I thought I was gonna get a ticket for parking illegally or such. But nope, they were they for protection.

Since the husband had a history, the judge had ordered two policemen to be on site during he inspection. One to sit out front and one to follow me around to ensure I was not disturbed. He was real cool about it too. He stood well away, no questions or babble and basically left me alone. I was kind of freaked out for about 15 minutes but I guess the routine just set in and the inspection went off without a hitch. Not counting all the problems I found in the Bubba special.

I know there are more stories like this, lets hear them.....

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