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One property two homes

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A huge amount of my inspections are of multi-building properties. Many have a secondary residence. Other than a simple, detached garage, each separate building gets its own report. Some small outbuildings, without any mechanicals, might only be a few paragraphs. Sometimes a barn is converted to apartments and that report is longer than the one for the main residence.

It's easier for me to prepare and easier for the buyers to understand if I do individual reports for each building. Our typists hate it though. Just when they think I'm finished, I start on the next building.

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I did a fair number of multi-building properties: Richfolk houses with pool houses, cottages, etc. Also little developments with a half-dozen duplexes, etc. And some apartment buildings...

Anyhow, I just wrote up separate reports. One for each dwelling. Some jobs -- like the one with the duplexes -- were pretty easy. The dwellings were almost identical.

Maybe it's just me, but I think it makes sense to write up each property separately. I think anything else would create a massive unreadable jumble. There are enough of those being created already.


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