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Help me identify this please.

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Can any of tell me what these are? They are spaced evenly around the house and garage. You can remove a core that looks like it is designed to slowly degrade. The only wording is Smart Disc. Patent pending. This is a brick home.

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What you have there most likely is a termite bait station and termite monitoring set up. The product is made by a company called First Line. The idea being that a homeowner can install the monitoring devices themselves rather then have a pest control company install them. Pest control companies change a ton of money to install and monitor them. The termite monitors should be installed roughly every ten feet around the exterior of the home and about a foot away from the exterior foundation walls. The devise should be checked for termites monthly. The tell tail signs are live termites or mud tubes inside the monitoring devise. If termites are found then the monitoring device can be replaced with a bait station to actually treat the termite problem. In my opinion this type of treatment is less effective then traditional perimeter control methods.

Home inspectors New Jersey

Home inspections New Jersey

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