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Fireplace/Roof Leak


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I own a 40year ranch home with and attached porch on the rear of the house. During a heavy or long steady rain the ledger board on the house begins to leak around the chimney on the porch side but not inside the house. Before this problem began to show itself the chimney had been tuckpointed, and the flat roof on the porch had been replaced. Recently I placed a large sheet of plastic over the chimney, and after some good rains the leak was still present, so I eliminated the chimney as the culprit. I am leaning toward a problem in the roof , but really don't know where to start since I don't see any sign of leaking on the interior of the house or the attic. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Scott G.

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When you placed the plastic "over" the chimney, did you cover the crown or was that left exposed to the weather. If you didn't cover the crown, check it for cracks; cracked crowns are frequently the source of water infiltration through chimneystacks.

OT - OF!!!


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