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NAHI broke off unification talks with ASHI?

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Well, according to a pretty credible source I know, it's a sore that goes back to NAHI's beginnings. The group that started NAHI were a group of ASHI members tasked to research insurance possibilities for their organization. In the course of doing their committee work, some learned they had similar disagreements with the direction that ASHI was going and they decided to break off and form their own association. When they did that, they pissed off a bunch of long-time ASHI folks and those folks have stayed pissed until this day. It's those folks and the NAHI founders who these many years later still hold a grudge and don't want to cooperate with one another and their status within their associations enables them to influence those who came after.

At least that's what I've been told. I'm sure there's probably more to it than that but I guess I can see how some folks would want to prevent any attempt to unify the two. Still, unification isn't what the talks were supposed to be about - they were supposed to be exploring ways to cooperate more closely with one another.



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