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Learned something new today


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I was quite surprised today to learn that James Hardie makes another line of fiber cement siding board called Cemplank.

Apparently, it's identical to Hardieplank but with a lesser warranty (which equals less cost.)

I've reviewed the install specs. and they're also identical to Hardieplank.

I am humbled yet again by the amount of things I don't know . . . .

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Hardie must have bought Cem Plank. About 5 years ago I looked at (and almost chose) Cemplank for my own home. At the time it was a denser product than Hardie- a couple lbs per board as I recall. the patterns were notably different too and they were the reason I chose Hardie. The Cem had a repeating pattern that was discernible like a mark left from a roller.

That's good to know Randy, Thanks

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