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Party/Fire wall flashing


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Good moring all.

Recently inspection a Townhouse/condo unit and noticed that the flashing was pulling way from the exterior brick on the fire wall.

Since 'exterior' issues on these units are the responsibility of the condo corp's it is their responsibility to fix the issue. I would like to sugest to the buyer a economical way to fix this issue in the case the condo corp takes there sweet time on addressing the issue.

Any suggestions or should I just let the client know to go after the condo corp to make the repair(s).

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Please let me know



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These appear to be structural issues that should be adressed by the condo corp.

Perhaps buyer can ask seller ensure proper repairs are carried out prior to taking possesion.

Why? The seller has no power to do anything more than report them to the HOA and hope that when they get darned good and ready they'll fix them.
A review of the condo charter by the buyer is recommended.
HOA meeting minutes is more useful. From those, a buyer should be able to see where someone has complained about the HOA dragging its feet over any maintenance issues.

A review of the condo charter by the buyer is recommended

I'm unclear about this. Exactly who is it that is recommending the buyer review the condo charter?



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In Quebec Canada condo charters are much more regulated than in other places.

Any issues that can affect the safety of any given unit must be adressed and repaired by the condo assocation even if it affects only one given unit. Since this may affect that owners liability in terms of insurance and mortgage. I have ssen a bank once get assurances by the condo organization to perform certain repairs on the common areas of a condo or else they would not commit funding to the prospective buyer.

I don;t know how it is elsewhere.

True that as inspectors our job is to report, however where do we draw the line. when the fire break to a unt has been potentially compromised do we not reprt it and consult our client on some possible venues to resolve the problem?


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I do a lot of condo inspections. I tell people in plain language that something needs fixing, and it's the HOA that has to fix it. I tell 'em to talk to the board president to see what's going on. I tell 'em to read the minutes to determine if things are managed well.

I don't care whose responsibility it is; I tell folks to fix things, and if that means going to the HOA, that's what I tell 'em to do.

After a few thousand condo inspections, no one's told me that doesn't work.

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