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B-Vent outside


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So here's a situation:

In the garage, this gas furnace and water heater. . . .

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47.32 KB

Vent out through this. . . .

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53.4 KB

There's this problem. . .

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52.81 KB

And this problem inside the water heater. . .

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56.01 KB

I've called for replacement of the water heater, and major re-configuration of the b-vent outside to either bring it inside the house (where it was originally), or build an insulated chase around it to keep the ambient temp. around the vent warmer.

Furnace guy and water heater guys say nothing wrong - nothing needs replacing.

I can't find specific info. right now that talks about b-vent runs outside. In fact, there may not be anything but I haven't turned over every stone yet.

Any help?

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