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Anyone ever hear of these guys?

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I got one a while back. It's a variation on the Carlton Sheets approach.

They have the "proven formula for success"; all you have to do is pay them, study their proven formula, execute the formula, unlock the greatness within you, don't settle for rubbing elbows with losers, and riches will shower down upon you, etc., etc., etc......

It's the usual pushy sales swill.

I'd bet a dime they'd charge you to speak.

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Do you guys ever get contractors soliciting you to refer them when you find work that needs to be done? I had one the other day who said I could make thousands a year in commissions by referring work.

Hmmmm...ethical? I think not!

John Dirks Jr - Arundel Home Inspection LLC

After July 1st that would get an inspector busted here.

OT - OF!!!


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