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Brand New Steam Boiler

Neal Lewis

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This brand new steam boiler installation is totally screwed up. Unbelievable.

There is no backflow preventer. The auto feed is not installed on a horizontal pipe and there is no manual bypass.

The Hartford Loop is installed wrong. The supply piping is throttled way down in size.

The gas boiler is supplied with a 1/2 inch run of CSST about 20 feet long. The burners were pulsing.

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Copper risers on a steam system are a dead giveaway that the installer wasn't familiar with these systems.

However, backflow preventers aren't required on steam systems. They aren't necessary. The pressure in a steam system is just about always always going to be lower than the pressure in the water supply, and unlike a forced hot water system, you have a shutoff separating the two, so there's really no chance of backflow.

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"Yeah, I do. I say it's good for heating the basement"

About 5 years ago I attended a seminar in NY. The speaker stated the steam pipes located near the boiler should be insulated because, and I quote

'Steam will condense (cool down and turn to water) 5 times faster in un-insulated pipes.'

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Must be in the air. One of the absolute worst installations I've ever seen.

Not that an upside down pressure gauge effects (now I'm guessing on the right use of effect/affect - thanks [:-weepn] ) anything but it just shows a total lack of knowledge/care.

No low water cutoff, no pressure reducing feed water valve, 14' run of pipe with no support, no insulation, not a plumb pipe in the entire installation - a real hack job. Needless to say I was not kind.

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Oh yea, forgot to mention - they had the "plumber" come back to fix a leak on the boiler. Seems the t/p relief valve was leaking. He said it was a faulty valve and replaced it. The pressure of the boiler was pushing 30# at room temperature. Go figure.

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