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Yellow Page Ads

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When I first got into this business, the franchiser insisted that I have a yellow page ad because it was supposed to be the mark of a professional to have one. So, I spent thousands every year for my share of a 3 quarter-column ad shared with two other inspectors. I think I got, maybe, a total of 3 or 4 inspections off that ad over the entire 4 years that I had it.

Since I gave that ad up around 2000, I think I've gotten maybe 3 or 4 from the one-line name only line I have now for free. At that rate, I figure I'm still down about $6,000. Maybe in another 20 years, I'll have fully recouped, from people who find me in the yellow pages, what I spent on those ads over that 4-year period.



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Will I be renewing my ad for the upcoming year?


I've also canceled my white pages, yellow pages and online presence.

I was of the same mind set that the Yellow Pages legitimized my business. But all I got was price shoppers asking for discounts and special promotions and very few bookings. The downside is that you're stuck with the same copy for one year that you can't change.

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I had a 2 column wide ad until this year for several years. My secretary kept records on which investments brought the most sales. It was almost always Yellow Book. Other local phone books brought very little sales. I don't have an ad in Yellow Book this year for the first time because I'm feeling the recession, but I'll be buying another one next time. They're about 3 grand/ad for the size I buy. I design my own, making sure they are sharp and innovative. Doesn't have to be the biggest, just the best.

Looking at previous posts, I guess it's a regional thing.


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Coincidently, I received a call from the Gallup Poll organization this past week about Yellow Pages. One of the questions was when was the last time I used the Yellow Page Book and I could not even remember. I use the internet to research phone numbers. I also cannot remember the last time someone called because they found me in the Book. I will be cancelling my yellow page ads this year and reallocating the money to internet marketing.

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