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Let me repeat that, I HATE TICKS.

Inspected a home today that is out in the country and in the woods. About halfway through the inspection, the husband went missing for a bit and when I asked where he was, the wife said, he is checking himself for ticks again. She had just found one on their baby (who never left the living room). He came out and said, yup he had removed three. OK now I was a bit freaked out because, I HATE TICKS. Every little sensation I jumped, is that a ticK? Well, I went through the inspection and didn't actually see any. Thank god.

On the drive home, had a small itch on my arm, I swiped it and found a tick in my hands. I quickly opened the window and tossed it out (hope it didn't land in another car, lol). I then call the wife and tell her to put my bath robe and a garbage bag on the back porch. When I got home I went to the back yard, stripped necked, put the robe on, the clothes in the trash bag and jumped in the shower for what seemed like 45m. When done I just threw the clothes into the a hot wash (washed em twice).

I HATE TICKS. No one ever told me I would have to wear a flea and tick collar as a home inspector. Ugg. I just hope there aren't any in my truck, taking it straight to the car wash in the morning.

Have I said how I HATE TICS!

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I had one buried in my side, under my left arm a couple of weeks ago.

It got under two shirts while I was hunting turkeys.

When I scratched the itch I felt, I realized what it was, freaked, and did the wrong thing. Dug it's head out with a knife later.

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I HATE TICS, and yes I misspelled it, they don't deserve the respect of being spelled right!

Well, yeah, except that a "tic" is an involuntary twitch. When I first read your header, I thought you were referring to some kind of spasm, not an insect; that's why I corrected the spelling.

Sorry if it offended you.



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