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Buried oil tank in attached garage.

Brandon Whitmore

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I just ran into my first buried oil tank in an attached garage today (1950's home). I saw what looked like a catch basin covered with a 2x10 board that was about 6 feet long. There was a fill cap inside, and one partially exposed small diameter copper line I found while digging. It smelled like fuel oil, and I assumed it was a diesel tank. There was no breather pipe anywhere. I went into the crawlspace found 2 copper lines run to where a newer gas furnace was installed, so I assume it is an in- ground oil tank beneath the slab.

Makes me wonder how many of those oil tank searchers sweep a garage.

Has anyone else ever run into a buried oil tank in a garage?

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. . . Has anyone else ever run into a buried oil tank in a garage?

I found my first one while walking on the roof. "That's a funny looking plumbing vent." I sez to myself. "Why does it have a metal cap on it? Why, it looks like an oil tank breather pipe!!!???"

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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