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Report Font Size

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12pt Book Antiqua

12 pt Courier for legal work

I kind of thought 10pt was a bit small, 11pt might be a good compromise.

You differentiate between legal and non legal work but is not our reporting system in a sense a legal document?

Does the legal system require a specific font style and size?

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Rob, the report is not a "legal" document in that sense.

I use courier 12pt because it is a bit larger and there are many times the courts will prefer all caps, with no bold or underline. Mostly a custom rather than any real reason. Many court reporting systems use all caps or small caps.

I use book antiqua because it does have the serifs and I think it looks neat and tidy!

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Hi Les,

Mostly because it looks clean and is easier on my eyes. 10 makes me strain to read and 12 seems to be too large. I'm just more comfortable keeping it simple and I figure if I'm comfortable that the cient will be comfortable reading it.

OT - OF!!!


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It looks like I'm going against the grain, but I use 10 pt Arial for the body. I also have squeezed the space between lines, but not between paragraphs. My photos are also tightly cropped and smaller than most sample reports I've seen. My average report would probably be 5 or 6 pages longer if I used 12 pt with normal spacing and even more with larger photos. I would lose in a "my report is bigger than yours" pissing contest.

I've never had anyone complain about the readability and, as I always mail a hard copy in addition to the PDF link, I have probably saved a tree or two by now.

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I use pictures w/red arrows pointing at the issues. I honestly have no idea what font I use, nor the size.

I should look into this......now, I'm curious.......id="Stencil">

That would be called your Zoid font.


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