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A strange thing...

Terence McCann

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Inspected a townhouse today. It was a full rehab from old apartments. It was un-occupied and had been since the upgrade (approx. 8 months.)

While in the basement I noticed water on the floor where the gas meter was. Touching the bottom of the gas meter I came up with water on my hand. I used the gas sniffer and came up with a small leak at the main shut off valve but nothing around the gas meter. Condensation might be the probable cause but there had been no a/c running in the condo and everything was about the same temp. The floor had been painted about 2 months ago so the moisture had to come in the summer months.

Any thoughts?

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A drop or two of water below the meter would just prove the theory that's been proven already with the advent of AC.

Compressed gas goimg through a pressure reduction, cools.

The pipes would be ever so slightly below ambient temps. In high humidity, condensation would occur.

If there was more than a few drops of water I have no idea what caused it.

As always, I reserve the right to be wrong.

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