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3 of 4 TIJ Respondents Favor H.I. Licensing

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It's taken 6-1/2 months, but the number of respondents to TIJ's "unofficial" poll featured at the bottom of our home page, which asked inspectors whether state licensing of all home inspectors should be mandatory, has finally topped 500. Of the 502 individuals who, as of this writing, have taken the time to participate in the poll, 375 (75%) favor licensing of home inspectors in every state, while 111 (22%) are against licensing and 16 (3%) are undecided. Surprisingly, these results have remained relatively consistent through the past six months, hovering around 73%, until July when the numbers in favor began an upswing.

TIJ has long advocated cooperation among home inspectors and the various professional home inspection organizations, on matters pertaining to state licensing, establishing uniform standards of practice and certification of home inspector qualifications. We think this poll speaks to the desire of most inspectors for just that. While this poll is by no means a "scientific" study, it does provide a snapshot of the mindset of those in the profession. Given these results, perhaps it is time for those who are presently opposing licensing in any way, shape or form, to read the handwriting on the wall and understand that licensing is ultimately going to come whether they like it or not.

In the past couple of years, opposition to licensing has resulted in some well-written laws being watered down to the point where anyone with a clipboard and a flashlight can qualify for a license. At the same time, others have managed to get processes in place that are essentially a rubber stamp for those already in the profession, that don't require any peer review or truly relevant testing for established inspectors, while at the same time erecting huge obstacles to those who wish to enter the profession. Essentially, protectionism at its worst.

The net result of all of this in-fighting has polarized the profession, turned long-time colleagues into enemies and slowed our progress toward becoming universally recognized as professionals in a true discipline, instead of merely as service providers. The only winners are those who continue to benefit from a home inspection profession that remains divided - namely less-than-honest real estate professionals and "inspectors" who perform less-than-thorough "friendly to the house" inspections.

It is high time that those on both sides of this issue put aside their personal agendas, stop sowing the seeds of enmity among their peers and begin to participate in helping to shape the future of this profession, instead of continuing to hold the entire profession back.


Mike O'Handley, Editor

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Licensing in KY went into effect in July. Very disappointed that the requirements are to attend a n approved HI inspection school and pass a test. No training (apprenticeship program) required. This is going to flood the market with new home inspectors. I have already had reports of 2 hone inspectors completing an inspection in 30 minutes and charging 250 - 275 dollars. Without proper traing they will not a have clue what to do when they start thier actual inspecting. I fell that an apprenticeship program is essential. Plumbers and electricians have to go through this training and I feel it is equally as important to the home inspection industry.


Greg Jone Home Inspections

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KY does require education and testing. This is a link to the KY license page http://www.ohbc.ky.gov/licensing/homeinspection/

The major problem with the KY law is that they allow the NAHI exam. This is a home inspection association exam, but then the KY home inspection board is loaded with NAHI members. States need to be non association bias when it comes to licensing.

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