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drip edge required?

kimball gray

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I recently inspected a new home. I mentioned the NRCA saying that drip edge is required on all roofs. The builder has come back and says that it is only required on 6 pitch or less. He does have a tight 1 by 2 shingle mold installed. They want me to change my report. This is a turn-key purchase. What to do?

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Unless your state has more strict requirements than the IRC, then dripedge metal is not required. That is, unless the manufacturer of your shingles recommends it in their installation guidelines. To comply with building codes, manufacturers installation instructions need to be followed.

In regards to changing the report, it depends on what you wrote. If you wrote that flashing was required, it wouldn't be a bad idea to amend the report (my opinion).

If you wrote that the NRCA recommends flashing, and flashing was omitted, you can tell the builder to go fly a kite. We aren't restricted to only inspecting to code/ minimum standards; you just need to choose your words carefully at times.

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I agree with Brandon. It's not required by code unless the manufacturer requires it. You also really need to read manufacturer's instructions carefully and you need to know what warranty is being offered in order to know whether it is required.

As an example, Pabco requires drip edging for all of their shingle, regardless of warranty offered, but Certainteed only recommends it. Nonetheless, for certain series of shingles, when a 40-year warranty is offered, Certainteed requires that the roofer comply with all of their requirements plus all of their best practices recommendations, and that includes adding drip edge flashings. That's not the case for shorter warranties.

Find out the shingle, the series, and the warranty that the builder is claiming; then do some research - you might find out that you've got the builder by the short hairs.




For those of you that have Code Check Complete, CCC is incorrect when it states that drip edge flashing is required. Even the code citation is wrong. I found out the hard way. [:I]

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