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Ridgid See Snake


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If anyone is interested I was at the Big Orange Home Center today and as I walked down the tool isle they had the Ridgid See Snake with the additional 36" extension marked down to $149. Now I know that means there is a new version somewhere down the line but I got one to play with anyhow. The next version will probably have a card to download pics to but at least I can try this one out and return it if I don't like it.

You can never have to many toys.

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Thanks a lot[:(!] Rick! You just got me to spend another $168 on a tool today, I just HAD to have one[:-censore[:-slaphap

Actually, I have been wanting one for ever since they came out. I figure it will be useful to look up chimney's, heat exchangers, and other hidden areas. I know it is not required by any SOP but I am an inquisitive sort of guy and just could not resist.

I have to go play now.

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I've had one for a couple of years now, great little tool (toy as my wife calls it), the addition of the camera would be great, not sure I'm ready to spent an extra $600.00. I've had mixed results trying to take a picture of the screen to show a crack in a heat exchanger, what works better is to be able to point to the area with the client looking over your shoulder.

Robert E Lee

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I purchased the Milwaukee camera last week. Takes a bit to get used to and I don't feel I will be comfortable with saying I am proficient until I have used it for awhile. The drill this comes with is pretty nice, feels solid and performs well.

I did get the chance to prove the cameras "coolness" in conjunction with my thermal camera for failed flashing around a window. Thermal suggested a problem stuck the camera in the conveniently located hole from the damage. Showed the rot/damage went alot farther then we anticipated.

Feels good to feel like Norm Abram sometimes with cool tools, even if I have to pay for them. [:-tong2]

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Pixels 712 x 486 (NTSC)

Transmission Frequency 2.4GHz

Transmission Range 32ft (10m) unobstructed view

Viewing direction Viewing Angle 50°

Focus distance from object 5.9" to 9.8" (15 to 25cm)

Shaft diameter 0.66" (17mm)

Working length 39" (1m)

Minimum bend radius 2.36" (60mm)

Camera Dimensions 7.3 x 5.7 x 1.6" (186 x 145 x 41mm)

Weight 18.7oz (530g)


LCD Screen Type 3.5" TFT

Pixels 320 x 240

Video Output Level 0.9 to 1.3V@75Ù

Frame Rate 10, 15, 20, 25, 30FPS

Video Resolution 960 x 240 (avi format)

Image Resolution 640x 480 (jpeg format)

Monitor Dimensions 3.9 x 2.7 x 1" (100 x 70 x 25mm)

Operating/Charge Time 1.5 hours/3 hours

Weight 4.9oz (140g)

269.00 on sale w/free shipping. 49.99 per extension cable - two max.


I didn't bother with the detachable wireless head option as I couldn't justify the added expense nor see a practical use.

X amount of these tests will be a return, billable, trip as I'm not about to punch holes in walls with out authorization. If they choose not to and find damage after the fact - so sorry. Would be a nice fit with an IR (next on the to-do list).

Increase GP and limit liability too boot.

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I considered that model; but I've been pondering doing something beyond just furnace heat exchangers. Chimneys, cathedral ceilings, etc. and you can only use two short extensions with that. With the Seesnake you can use up to six five foot extensions and not lose resolution.

What would be cool would be the Ridgid Seesnake Micro with a head that can work outside of piping that won't hang up in walls, etc..



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I'm pretty sure the Ridgid doesn't take pictures. Like Kurt, I feel that this is an important feature. I've been including pictures in my reports going back to 2001 with 3D.

Not sure if the head of the See Snake is waterproof however this one is. One house I was doing had this funky setup for the Terra-Cotta drain pipes that accepted the downspouts. I was thinking to myself it would be nice to fish a camera in there a few feet to see what was going on.

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