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Is a cricket needed?

Robert Jones

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Hi Robert,

That flashing is not a cricket/ saddle (I've used the terms inter- changeably, but need to look it up be sure). I think what Mike is saying is that it's been working fine without leaking since the home was built (possibly). Do you really need to upgrade an existing home to comply with new building standards when things are working the old school way?

Just so you know, I've discussed this topic with our state code enforcement guys. They said that they would not require a cricket/ saddle be retro- fit until sheathing was replaced. Now if that sheathing was replaced, it probably should have had a cricket/ saddle installed (permits as far as I know should technically be pulled when replacing sheathing as it is a structural component).

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Thanks Brandon.

I am guessing that is actually a back cap flashing? I normally don't try and bring older homes up to current standard, well, unless it's electrical type issues(GFCI for example). This one just stuck out to me because the roof shingles were fairly new and the chase wasn't at the roof edge as is normally the case.

Thanks again Brandon.

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FWIW, my humble experience says that any "repair" to that flashing would be a downgrade. It's almost impossible to find a competent tin knocker these days.

I'm at the point where I recommend specific contractors, since I know there's a better chance that they will get it right. I didn't post the second half of the article posted above, because I do not consider what is done to be a proper installation (reinforcing what you say WJ)

Here it is:

http://www.hammerzone.com/archives/roof ... ngles.html

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