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Hydronic Boiler Inspection - Tips / Ideas

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Hi Guys,

Did an inspection this week on a townhome (about 1800 sq ft) with a hydronic boiler (natural gas) that supplied hot water (50 gal) tank and central heating to the home. The water was sent to the tank from the boiler, then to the convetor (with a blower, shared with the A/C). This was my first hydronic boiler (not very common up here in Canada).

I did a functional check on the unit. Everything seemed to be in order (only 2 yr old home).

But for any future inpsections, does anyone have a list of items that should be inspected? Things to 'not miss', things to 'must warn about', things 'beyond the scope'?

Thanks in advance.

PS. Just wanted to say, I am on this forum DAILY!!! and I love it. Lots of knowledge to be gained. Cheers.

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Well, it's kind of general.

Probably no one (me anyway) wanted to write an encyclopedia of all the stuff you should be looking at and how you'd describe it.

Maybe get some basic hydronic inspection information, and then ask more specific questions.....(?)......include a picture, brand and model #'s, or something to work from....otherwise, it'd get to be a very long response.

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