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Fiters For Chinese Drywall - Montreal Gazette

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Hi Joe,

No nothing in Quebec I've seen or heard of yet, but there are cases in BC and Toronto I've heard about. Whether this will become the new mould/UFFI/Vermiculite is yet to be determined by the populous at large. It's funny, I was just reading posts from Henri Chero on another Inspectors Forum yesterday.(A much less reputable site than this one ;)...)

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This guy was over on InspectionNews hawking his machine a month or so ago. It uses HEPA filters to do the work. For those of you that have been doing EIFS inspections for a few years you might have heard of Spiderman (Scott) Mulholland, this is a FL inspector who is selling them for this guy in the States.

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Of course,

It's just an air filtration unit; nothing special. All it's going to do is remove sulfur from the air that passes through it - it can't stop the off-gassing, so there will always still be some level of sulfur in the contaminated air that hasn't been scrubbed yet.

It's a bandaid on a gaping wound.



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