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foundation drain system

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Why are some sump liners perforated, and some solid with only the perimeter drain entering?

We used to perforate them when first installing so they wouldn't rise/shift out of proper position (from ground water pressure) before the basement floor was poured and held them in place; ground water could thus seep into the pit instead of shifting the pit.

After that, the perforations, while not really necessary, would still help water from under the slab more readily enter the pit, especially when only exterior foundation drain tiles were installed versus interior & exterior tiles.

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Would anyone have a picture of a perforated sump pit?

I've never seen one perforated and where are the perforations?

Wouldn't that somehow short cycle the pump?

Every one of them will look different, since they are typically installed by weekend warriors with a hand drill. Holes are typically on the side and bottom.

Yes it's only going to pump out the volume of water in the sump and surrounding gravel; then it will sit for a period of time while water drains out of the surrounding soil into the pit. Is that what you mean by 'short cycle'? The length of time between pumping cycles would vary greatly depending on soil conditions and geometry.

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