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Conduit to Hot Tub


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I am installing a hot tub and I would like to know what is best to use as a conduit from the tub to the sub-panel (GFI), which is exactly 5 feet from the tub.

Would a liquidtight flexible metallic conduit be appropriate? And how can it be mechanically protected?

Gosh, I don't know the answer. You'd better hire an electrician.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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To answer your question - Yes, it would be OK as long as you don't use it where it can be damaged. For example you cannot run it (liquid tight flex) across concrete where people will walk or damage it. Make sure you use properly sized copper wires (most tubs require 4 wires), and get a permit so you have it inspected. Just might save a life!

PS: I assume the circuit or disconnect is GFCI protected!

PSS: Or if this does not make sense then I go along with Jim's recommendation - hire a licensed expert to do it properly.

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Uhm, no one mentioned that a hot tub installation requires a disconnect within sight of the tub. There is also a specific distance requirement for that disconnect that I don't recall at the moment, but it's been about a decade since I installed one.

Hire an electrician. If you don't hire an electrician at the very least pull a permit and get it inspected, that way you have a shot at getting right sooner or later. Besides, doing it yourself 3 or 4 times before it passes should only cost you 1 1/2 times what a decent sparky would have charged.


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While you at it add a inline heater,

Hire a qualified electrician,

You will need a GFI for the tub and if you add a heater, you will need one for it also, DO NOT PUT BOTH ON ONE

You will probably only get one chance to know if it was done correctly

Have a great day

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