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My family will be touring on a little road trip in the near future. Our planned path will take us up through Cleveland OH then west under Lake Michigan and past Chicago and continuing west.

I would like some input on the best area to check out Lake Michigan. should we stop in at Indiana Dunes? What about downtown Chicago? Is that a nice area to visit the lake and harbor area? We'll be passing through and will only have limited time to stop. Any input would be appreciated.

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I go to the Indiana Dunes often. They're very nice.

They're sort of a National Park developed version of the dunes that I really love, which are about 300 miles further north.....(Sleeping Bear Dunes and Cross Village even further up)......

Downtown Chicago isn't exactly where one goes to check out Lake Michigan; at least, I don't. I sail and boat off the the city, but it's big city on the lake. Lotta concrete, little to no natural shoreline. If you're looking for the natural beauty that this lake does possess, you have to go way north.

That said, depending on time of day and all that, you may be very interested in Millenium Park, Buckingham Fountain, and the urban wonders we have here.

If you're on I-94 or 80-94/Toalroad west, the Indiana Dunes are a fairly quick access from 94. About 2 miles north to the lake.

They filmed the ending lake cottage scene in "Road to Perdition" right there. You hit the weather right, and it's nice. Although, the water's cold this year; it's never warmed up much.

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Touristy, but if you haven't ever been to Chicago, go to Navy Pier and take an architectural boat tour down the Chicago River. The boats usually swing out onto Lake Michigan for 5-10 minutes first to give you a great view of the city, then give you some kick-ass, close-up looks at our more infamous buildings. Then eat at Bubba Gumps. Skip the Ferris Wheel, attractive as it looks.

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Have the Minister of the Sinister (Kurt Mitenbuler) direct you to a decent steakhouse. Had me a memorable dinner with some compadres under his leadership a few years back. Tasty!

I would like a recommendation for a place to eat near the Indiana Dunes area. Not really a steak house though. Something a bit quicker. Maybe a local sub shop or deli that is really good.

We have to make it from Cleveland to Dyersville Iowa on that day. Stretching our legs at the dunes will be nice but we can't hang around too long. Gotta get the pedal back to the metal.

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There's no quick easy on-off eating establishment I'm aware of. There's a bunch of the usual stuff @ the 49N exit, which is what you take to the Dunes off I-94.

Midwest food is pretty much a wasteland until you get into the city, or know specifically where to go out in a few of the rural areas.

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One thing for sure, now way am I gonna come that close to one of the great lakes and not stop to twiddle my toes in the water.

Good boy......I was in yesterday, and it's cool to cold....just didn't warm up this year.......

Go up Mt. Baldy, then imagine that same dune stretching for approx. 100 miles in both directions. They mined 'em all off for the sand to use in the foundrys and steel mills.

At one time, that was the grassy outflow area for the largest wetland in North America; it stretched all the way from Lake Michigan down to the tip of southern Illinois. Hundreds of millions of geese, brant, and waterfowl lived there.....now it's all burnt out steel mills. If you know what you're looking at, you can see the traces of the original wetlands peeking out here and there mixed into the mills.......

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All that salt disturbs me.....although, at least there's good seafood.

The big pond is out of fish, for all practical and healthful purpose.

I need 700 thread count bedsheets, down pillows, & spa facilities before I'll consider staying at the Morrison Hotel.......hey, wasn't that on a record album.........(?)....

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Thanks everyone.

Well, we made it home safe after 2100 miles of good ole American road trip. We saw the following.

Flight 93 Memorial - Shanksville PA

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland OH

Indiana Dunes - Indiana

Chicago Skyline - from the traffic jammed highway

Johnny Lightning Fest,

Field of Dreams Movie Site,

Farm Toy Museum - Dyersville IA

Mississippi River Aquarium & Museum - Debuque IA

Wright Patterson Air Force Museum - Dayton OH

It was great when the the only responsibility was driving safe and figuring out where to eat next.

At the Flight 93 Memorial there was a woman who gave a presentation. She was a volunteer and you could tell she wanted to be there doing what she was. Her efforts made the visit that much more meaningful.

Obviously, being the biggest collection of aircraft in the world, the AFB museum was very cool.

I also enjoyed the Miss River Museum where we got to crawl all over and through a big steam ship.

Click to Enlarge

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