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Had a good laugh...

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From today's inspection...

Finished the outside and ready to do the garage so I asked the nice Ms. X Realtor if there are any remote garage door openers inside the home. She replies "yes, it's right here (pointing to a button by the side door entrance on the outside of the home) but it seems like an odd place to put it" - me "that would be the doorbell."

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Bill- you would like this one:

I was told this by a real estate agent that I know.

She was at an inspection in an old home and the home inspector warned the client that further investigation was needed because there were severe settlement problems throughout the house. He was referring to the large gap above the "Crown Mouldings" in all of the rooms. It was actually a picture rail!

It is not just the agents and buyers!

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An agent was showing the wife the quaint potting shed next to the garden. She was pointing out the cut-out in the bench for placing a wash basin. When I overheard the description, I mentioned: "Actually, that's the hole where you put your butt, 'cuz it's an outhouse".

Oh, she knew dam well what it was. But over time the outhouse had morphed into a "quaint potting shed" in the same way Dead End streets have been given French citizenship and turned into Cul de sac's.

I once had a realtor try to tell a client that the crawlspace storage in the upstairs Cape bedroom was a walk-in closet. I couldn't help myself and said "for who? Oompa Loompa's?"

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