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Television antenna jack


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Sometimes the combination of a resistor and a capacitor is used as a "filter" to only allow the signals you want...


Then the first link below is a similar TV outlet and the second link explains about wire run distances from the antenna and signal loss...

(MATV means Master Antenna TV system)

Winegard ST-7700 RV Line Tap-Off 75 Ohm Selectable Isolation Outlet...

http://www.summitsource.com/rv-line-tap ... -8111.html

Master TV Distribution System Design...

http://www.blondertongue.com/media/pdfs ... Design.pdf

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This was in a +/- 30-year-old condo. I realize the jack's for some kind of television antenna, but does anyone know what the purposes of the transistors/resistors/capacitors are?

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29.32 KB

The caps and resistors are designed to work as a low pass or high pass filter (depending upon their orientation) or for matching or balancing. Pass certain channels above or below whatever the resonant frequency of the filter is designed for. There shouldn't be any transistors there. Those are active devices needing to be supplied with low DC voltage (approx. 5 or 12 volts) and not passive devices like the Cs and the Rs.

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