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Gutter Toppers

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I'm a homeowner and interested in removing a section of "gutter topper" material that is installed over the gutters on a porch and see if the ice damning issue is aggravated and/or caused by the gutter toppers this winter.

I will need to put on a new roof, but my hope is to better understand the dynamics of the issue without the gutter toppers. My hunch is that the gutter toppers are the larger part of the issue.

There is a flat metal piece attached to the roof above the shingles. I'm wondering if I can simply remove the metal piece and the gutter toppers and leave it be or e is there additional work that may have to be done (that I as a homeowner) may be unaware of and ought to do.

For example, the metal piece is installed with a nail (I assume) and over that is some caulk. Removing the nail, will mean a hole which I would caulk up, but is this enough or are there more issues I should be aware of.

I would call the manufacturer however the reps I have had come out in the past have not inspired me with confidence in there expertise. ;)

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

- L

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I'm assuming you're talking about "gutter helmets", or some such thing to keep leaves out of the gutter.

Go ahead and remove it, but I doubt it will reduce or effect ice dams in any way.

Removing it would be fine, and caulking the nail hole would probably also be fine for a few seasons.

What you really want is the new roof, with ice and water membrane installed. How the ice and water membrane is installed is critical.

You ought to get in touch with Chad Fabry who's located in your city. Call him, have him look @ your roof, and do what he thinks is appropriate.

Chad, put your contact info up for this fellow........

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Yes, I am talking about gutter helmets - something that was "permanently" installed on top of the gutters to keep out leaves, etc.

Thank you for your thoughts. It sounds like a do-it-yourself job. The roof does have ice and water shield on it - however I am not sure how it was installed, however will look into the issue.

There has been some hesitancy on my part to remove the toppers because I was warned not to by the company and, as well, was a bit unsure how to do it and didn't want to damage the gutters or the roof in the process.

- L

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